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How to use Skip Blanks in Paste Special and what does the feature do

There is an option Skip blanks in Excel’s Paste Special -dialog. You may have wondered what is the purpose of that feature.

After watching this video, you will know 🙂

The big secret has now been revealed: Skip blanks pastes only non blank cells and leaves other cells untouched.

How to multiply large amount of numbers in Excel by using Paste Special

Sometimes you may have a need to multiply large amount of Excel worksheet’s numbers by some specific number. E.g. you want to make all numbers negative or multiply them by 100. Instead of doing this routine task manually “by hand”, you can use this easy trick and save lot of time:

  1. Write multiplier to one cell and copy it to clipboard (Shortcuts ctrl + c in Windows and cmd + c in Mac)
  2. Select cells you want to multiply
  3. Open context menu and select Paste Special…
  4. Check Multiply and press OK
    –> all selected cells are multiplied by the number you copied!
Following video demonstrates this in action:

How to transpose Excel table using Paste Special -feature

There is a handy way to transpose entire table:

  1. Select the table you want to transpose
  2. Select Copy
  3. Select Paste Special (e.g. from the context menu)
  4. Mark checkmark to Transpose
    –> And vóila, you have transposed table!
Following video demonstrates this: